A downloadable paper miniatures pack

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Are you tired of the traditional skeletons with one head, two arms and two legs? Here is a farandole of bony monstrosities with improbable anatomies. With some strange living statues to add spice. (esoteric spice)

The minis are in pdf, available in color or in black and white. Both have a version with a dark grey background and a version with a white background. You just have to print them on paper or cardboard and fold them.

This is a participation for Hairic Lilred's wonderful Paper miniature jam !


Buy Now$1.40 USD or more

In order to download this paper miniatures pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.40 USD. You will get access to the following files:

COLfondblanc.pdf 30 MB
COLfondnoir.pdf 31 MB
NBfondblanc.pdf 27 MB
NBfondnoir.pdf 28 MB


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Perfect style for a dark setting!

I'm curious: does their names means something?

(PS: Beware of French words in your files name if you're addressing to English speaking people ahah)


Not really, their names are adjectives or characteristic that defines them that i modified to look like a new nickname :)

Yeah i didn't think about that before posting it but like there is only 4 files i think that's not difficult to check them to see which is what.


Amazing skeletons. I love the unconvential shape they have. This is showing the potential of how bone can be remade by necromancers!


Thank you ! Yeah a lot of necromancer have a big lack of imagination, so I decided that I would represent the creations of a necromancer who has an artistic streak; he even has some knowledge of pottery !

Thank you for this opportunity !